Sonic Sculpture

A proposal to research the implementation of sound design concepts to urban artifacts and sculptures.

sound design
multichannel audio installations
interactive multimedia objects

In my proposal I would like to study the concept of the sonic sculpture. In the next few paragraphs I will define the concept of sonic sculpture and make an argument why this idea is important for an urban environment. I will also disuss a related consept of sonic ecology.

In my view, a sonic sculpture is a multimedia artifact that consists of an urban sculpture, static or kinetic, accompanied by sound design in a multichannel configuration.

An urban sculpture is an important part of the city architecture. As public art, it can reflect the city’s cultural connotation and temperament. Its image can reflect the spirit and the character of the city.

A conventional urban sculpture is silent. However, it is surrounded by sounds of the city like traffic, conversations, construction, etc, and the constant stream of those sounds constitute something that we call ‘sonic pollution’. By introducing the sound design to an urban sculpture we refine its microclimate and eliminate the sonic pollution. We do it by embracing the sounds of the city and including them in a composition that becomes a soundscape.

The purpose of such a soundscape is to breath life into static sculptures and create harmonious sonic aesthetics in the urban environment. Basically by adding the sound design to an urban sculpture we enhance its artistic effect like a soundtrack does in a motion picture.

I will refer to such an artifact as a sonic sculpture.

As a good example of such an implementation would be a radio station that includes mixes of soothing abstract synthetic soundscapes with a rather disturbing sounds of NYPD Special Operations and Traffic transmission.
As a result – new pleasant sonic fabric.