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Quantum leap to another level.

It is considered that the external or “objective” reality is perceived by sensory system. Actually, definition of reality is wider, as we possess more than five basic senses… For example, we know about atoms, molecules and cells, but we can not see them by the unaided eye.

If you ever saw a diagram of the spectrum of light you know that a visible part of the world – only a tiny interval between infra-red and ultra-violet part of a spectrum. All beauty of this world and millions of stars in the night sky is presented only by this microinterval. And although we’re able to measure some frequencies of a spectrum, outside of our physical perceptions, we do not see them – they are a part of infinitely larger Universe.

There is also an illusion of hardness of objects. Atoms of which the matter consists, are similar to the miniature solar systems swimming in boundless space, and speed of electrons rotating around an atom kernel, makes impression of hardness. Actually, in atom there is more space, than substance. The majority of objects consist of 99 % of an empty space. Power fields in atom structure keep objects together enough to form hardness. If there were no these power fields, we could pass through the walls…

The given elementary postulate of physics specifies the validity of the statement that “the world is illusion”. However it does not mean that the world does not exist only because we do not perceive as such, what it actually is. The world is real. It possesses the objective reality including interaction of billions of nuclear particles, and the conceived reality given to it by self-identification of the person.