Poetry: Aleksey Chulansky
Sound: Taras Mashtalir
Video: Alexander Vojjov

Audio-visual mystery MIR, presented by “PROTOTOROID” – a combination of spoken and written poetic text, inheriting to experiments in the field of Russian avant-garde and kinetic poetry. The mystery of the universe is encoded in the sounds and images of a magical book, the mystery play about enigmas of creation and the universe.

PROTOTOROID is electronic Kabbalah of syllable permutations, music and video. The reading / listening / meditation requires the perception of sounds, meanings and images, whose values should be drawn from the phonosemantics or the memory of the prenatal history.

PROTOTOROID is a mediator of a fractal point of view, which allows to see objects not in isolation, but all at once, to strive for an intuitive theory of everything. Physics and mythology organize the expanding and diminishing number of new realities. The genre of mystery refers to the utopian project of the avant-garde and the mystery plays of the beginning of XX century.

PROTOTOROID – is a sphere transformed into torus. Charged particles acquire this particular form in elec- tric systems and consciousness, considered as a chain of neural explosions – and is in constant motion. Electricity in itself is nothing more than a condensed energy. By moving it in every moment, struggling with the entropy, in the gap between chaos and cosmos, the world exists.

Mystery “PROTOTOROID” voices and gives visual images to leapfrog of existence, and by tracking the symbols, transmits to the listener its meaning and location in the world.

The goal of the project “PROTOTOROID” – to broadcast a message from the reality, mystically explaining the reality itself.



The project has a wide spectrum of presentation, from installation to a theatrical play with choreography.

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Sneak preview of choreography


Tech rider for installation 4D

3 projectors 5 000 Lumen
3 screens 6х4м or 3 white walls
HDMI cable (long enough to connect projector with laptop on stage in front of the screen )
quadro audio system: 4 monitors + 1 sub

Schematics for installation version


PROTOTOROID as a book, is modern psychodelic poetic grimoire. Hidden life of words circulating in anthroposphere – the hypnosis of absolutely unknown. Golden ratio, number Pi, the Fibonacci sequence, toroidal mathematical figures, fractals, alchemy, ancient religious cults and myths – the catalysts of the author’s inspiration.


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