Machine Libertine

Machine Libertine is media poetry group. Тhe main principles of the group are formulated in Machine Poetry Manifesto.

Machine Libertine had been founded in December 2010 starting with a poetry film called Snow Queen, a piece created for British Council and presented recently at Purple Blurb series at MIT and INTERRUPT II at Brown University. It is a combination of masculine poetry «Poison Tree» by William Blake contrasted to mechanic female MacOS voice and cubistic video imagery of Souzfilm animation «Snow Queen» (1957).



WHOEVER YOU ARE – poetry film (AMV version)
a poem by Natasha Romanova told as a post-apocalyptic dream of Aki Ross, a scientist, the main character in the first photorealistic computer animated film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
music by Taras Mashtalir



“In Your Voice” is a warm and imaginative interpretation of two poems by Natalia Fedorova telling about impossibility of reaching home.

text by Natalia Fedorova
sound design by Taras Mashtalir
visuals by Stan Mashov



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