Discrete Encounter

New York based multi media poetic project with a message of social change and conscience expansion.

I set you free
You’re free to go now
Don’t let them stop you
Don’t let them lie again 

It’s been a while
You can’t remember
Don’t let them hide it
Don’t let them kill again
You’re about to shed your skin
Rediscover what’s hidden within
Electricity runs through your spine
Break this code and start to shine
You set me free 
I’m free to go now
Won’t let them chase me
Won’t let them touch again 

I’ve had enough
You can’t imagine
Won’t let them find me
Won’t let them try again
I’m about to shed my skin
Rediscover what’s hidden within
Electricity runs through my spine
Break this code and start to shine

performance consists of vocal, electronic arrangements and video projection;
meeting the artists for Q&A;
presenting material via lecture


“Discrete Encounter’s 2B1 is a ride straight into the future of electronic music, complete with trippy visuals, sonic cross-dressing, and a categorical rebellion from the status quo.”
by Rikki O. for Music Incider Magazine, based in Atlanta

Discrete Encounter, the electroclashesque collaboration between vocalist Natasha Romanova and Taras Mashtalir, make music that would work well as the soundtrack of a Liquid Sky remake.”
by Bruce Tantum, TimeOut NY

“Band leader Taras Mashtalir (who wrote all the material and also occasionally sings in his low growly voice) plays guitar with the impact and sonic assault of, say, Zakk Wylde but makes sure to let the music be beat-driven and electronic to the core.
However all this vengeance’s counter-part is the beautiful and soothing voice of Natasha Romanova, whose contribution will make “2B1″ interesting and approchable even to fans of synth-pop and some darker music.”

by Marc Urselli-Schaerer, 3-time Grammy Award winning Audio Engineer