Stiftelsen 3,14

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with Electronic Literature Organization Conference & Bergen University (UiB)

Thursday August 6th:
–> 15:30 – 16:15
Artists, authors, and curators presenting in the show will give a short presentation of the works.

–> 17:30 – 18:30
Machine Libertine (Taras Mashtalir/Lev Panov) will present “Pythia”, a digital oracle, singing its messages based on Pythagorean harmony principles.

3,14 is hosting the “Decentering: Global Electronic Literature” exhibition for the ELO 2015 End(s) of Electronic Literature Festival. This exhibition focuses on electronic literature produced by international authors and artists outside of the Anglo/American and Western European mainstream, including the countries Brazil, Canada, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Poland, and Russia.

The works in this exhibit were selected both via an open call and by curators from Poland (Piotr Marecki), Russia (Natalia Fedorova and Daria Khabarova), and Portugal (Alvaro Seiça and Rui Torres). Both representative historical works and contemporary projects are represented. Bringing these diverse collections together provides an opportunity to consider how practices and genres in electronic literature are influenced both by the exchange of ideas on the global network and by important national and regional artistic traditions.

Works presented in the exhibition include: “High Muck a Muck: Playing Chinese” by Nicola Harwood (CA), Fred Wah (CA), Jin Zhang (CA), Bessie Wapp (CA), Simon Lysander Overstall (CA), Tomoyo Ihaya (CA), Phillip Djwa (CA), Thomas Loh (CA), Hiromoto Ida (CA) and Patrice Leung (CA), “Small Poetic Interfaces: The End of Click” by José Aburto (PE), “Liberdade” by Francisco Marinho (BR) and Alckmar Santos (BR), “Labyrinth (or a hypertext with an incessantly changing title)” by Jakub Jagietto (PL) and Laura Lech (PL), “Księga Słów Wszystkich (Book of All Words) by Józef Żuk Piwkowski (PL), “Przemówienia / Speeches” by Marek Pampuch (PL), “Poet” by Michał Rudolf (PL), “Złe słowa” by Piotr Puldzian Płucienniczak (PL), “Cierniste diody” by Leszek Onak (PL), The Archetypture of Magical Reality by Andrzej Głowacki (PL), “Roda Lume” and “Signagens” by E. M. de Melo e Castro (PT), “Sintext-W” by Pedro Barbosa (PT), “Computer Poetry” by Silvestre Pestana (PT), “Google Earth: A Poem for Voice and Internet” by Manuel Portela (PT), “Amor de Clarice” and “Poemas no Meio do Caminho” by Rui Torres (PT), “Machines of Disquiet” by Luís Lucas Pereira (PT), “Utopias” by Anna Tolkacheva (RU), “Fallling Angels” by Axelroma (RU), “asciiticism” by Ivan Khimin (RU), “Polarities” by Elena Demidova (RU) and Maxim Kalmykov (RU), “Kuryukhin Second Life” by Michael Kurtov (RU), “Focus” by Irina Ivannikova (RU) and Maxim Kalmykov (RU), and “Pythia” and “Snow Queen” by Natalia Fedorova and Taras Mashtalir (RU).

gnōthi seautón = "know thyself"

Objective Poet: is a series of poetic sound sculptures (“Echo”, “Narcissus”, “Pythia”).

The objectivity of the poet is held in its way of reflecting the linguistic reality: algorythm converts spectator’s speech and transforms it in multimedia poetic compositions.

E – is a reflectively sonified landscape that can make voices double as Echo, the nymph in love with Narcissus. To hear a digital oracle, voiced by E, the spectator needs to start conversation first. Pronounced will be reflected in a harmonious composition. We suggest that you see the oracle, be it absurd or prophetic, a source of self reflection, or your digital reflection itself.