MANIFESTA 10 Education Program in the General Staff Building of The State Hermitage.

A lecture on Sonic Sculpture and master class on interactive technologies, as well as mediated tour through contemporary artworks presented in Hermitage Museum.

Taras Mashtalir (Machine Libertine)

Technique: Interactive art, sound sculpture
Target Audience: Developers, IT specialists

Participants of the workshop, experts from the field of IT and computer technologies, were acquainted with the concept and history of sound sculptures, learnt about the technologies used in this field, and participated in a poetic media performance by Machine Libertine.

In a special themed tour of the Biennial the participants explored the interplay of information technology and modern art from Matisse to the present day, thinking about points of intersection between media and art in the history of European art of the XX-XXI centuries.

The Education Program promotes looking, questioning, and the sharing of experiences. Working locally, regionally, and internationally, MANIFESTA 10 engages with schools, universities, local communities, and St. Petersburg residents with the aim of deepening the experience of visiting the Biennial. Education programs include mediated tours, special events, workshops, and discussions, designed to generate a platform for dialogue and debates about the role that art can play within society.

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МАНИФЕСТА10 – европейская биеннале современного искусства.
Образовательная программа в Главном Штабе Эрмитажа.

Тарас Машталир (Machine Libertine)

Техника: мультимедиа-арт, звуковая скульптура
Целевая аудитория: Программисты, специалисты в области IT

Участники мастер-класса, специалисты с сфере IT и компьютерных технологий, познакомятся с концепцией и историей звуковой скульптуры, узнают о технологиях, применяющихся в данной области, а также примут участие в медиа-перформансе от Machine Libertine.

В специальном тематическом туре по экспозиции биеннале участники будут исследовать взаимосвязь информационных технологий и современного искусства от Матисса до наших дней, размышляя о точках пересечения медийного и художественного в истории европейского искусства ХХ-ХХI столетий.

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